Which Card?

Get more days to pay your credit card bill.
AutoFi tells you which credit card to use.

Get Started

Be sure to have Telegram on your phone


What details does AutoFi need for this?

To do the math and pick the best card, AutoFi only needs the bill date & due date of your credit cards.

AutoFi does not need any private or confidential information like credit card number, CVV, OTP, etc.

What does this cost?

This is a free feature in AutoFi.

We want to show you how cool – and helpful – AutoFi is.

Why do I need Telegram?

AutoFi runs on the Telegram messaging app. You need to download the Telegram app on your phone to get started.

”Which Card?” is just one of AutoFi’s many cool features. Go to the home page to know more.

Can I do this on WhatsApp?

We are working on the “Which Card?” for WhatsApp.

You can encourage us to work faster. Leave your mobile number and we will tell you once we are ready.